# Lost/Damaged Passport ? Here Is What to Do Next


Sometimes you get the horrible news that your password has lost, This time many of you do not understand clearly that what to do exactly, It is not a matter to take it easy you will have to take it seriously. In this post we have described some actions you have to take when you lost your passport.

Passport Re-issue-How to Get Passport-Passport renew

What is First Step To Do When You Lost Your Passport

All you have to do that just visit nearest Police station and report about loss of your passport, Loss of passport should also be reported at Passport Seva Kendra, If you are in abroad then go to Indian Mission and report about loss of your passport.

What To Do When You Lost Passport In Abroad

You will have to produce important details of previous passport, For example Passport Number, Expiry Date, Place & Date of Issue while filling the application form. In the case you do not have these information then you need to visit Indian Mission at that country.

How To Return India In Emergency Cases Like illness or Death of Family Members

Sometimes you may have emergency of any kind in which you have to return India but in case you have lost your passport or damaged then you can even return in India through Emergency Certificate, For Issuance of Emergency Certificate you need to visit Indian Mission of That country.

Procedure For Re-Issuing Passport

After reporting of passport at police station and Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) you have to apply for re-issue of passport at nearest PSK, Do not forget to attach all the documents along with passport application form.

What To Do When It's Urgent To Go Abroad After Loss of Passport

There are two condition of damage of the passport the very first is If your passport is under recognition condition i.e If the Name, Photo, Passport Number on your passport is viewable clearly then you can apply for re-issue of passport under Tatkaal Scheme but if the passport is damaged badly i.e Name and other details are not viewable then you cannot apply for re-issue under Tatkaal scheme in this condition you will have to visit nearest passport Seva kendra and consult with Passport officer for Urgent re-issue.

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