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In previous post, we discussed about how to change or update aadhar data online. So in the case of update or make correction in your aadhaar there is need to check your aadhar status by using your URN number which you got previously at the time of applying updating aadhar data request. Here we gonna share a method by which you can easily check your adhar status online by putting URN and aadhar number in aadhar self service update portal ssup official status portal . After changing or updating aadhar card data then you can simply check you status of aadhar card.

To better understand all the method to check aadhar status online by urn follow our these simple steps mentioned below.

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Steps To Check Aadhaar Status Online By URN

  • Firstly go to the aadhar self service update portal SSUP official website HERE. 
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  • You see there are are two boxes in this boxes you need to enter your aadhar number and URN number on these boxes.

  • After putting aadhar number or URN number you need to click on the status button to get your aadhar status. 
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NOTE:- All the user are requested to read all the information carefully, to check aadhar status online by aadhaar URN no. users must follow all the steps which should be mentioned.

So, All the above information is about Check Aadhar Status online by URN or How To Check Aadhar Card Status Online by using adhar URN Number, you can easily check adhar card status by using these simple steps. If you like our post don't forget share with others.

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Pranali Sharma said...

Have you applied for your aadhar card 3-4 months before and still not received it. Don’t worry, click here for step-by-step guide and will help you check aadhaar status and download it if it is processed.

Anonymous said...

I updated my biometrics three weeks ago. Not only is my number still inactive. Even the urn number shows incorrect without slashes during status check. What does the government plan for the inconvenience of such problems when linking anywhere.

Unknown said...

URN no. se adhar card kaishe download karte hai

Rony Shaji said...

If you want to get complete guide about checking URN status, you can check the best guide about Aadhar.
How to Check Aadhar URN Status?

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