# Link Aadhar Card Different Method


Here you can easily get the method to link your aadhar card

# Link Aadhar Card To Bank Account 

aadhar card linkIf you want to link your aadhar card details with your bank account, here today we disscussed about the easy method to link your aadhar card with your bank account.
Indian Government planning to make aadhar card neccesory for each and every Indian people and they strictly encourage every peoples to have there proper aadhar card, so in this way they encouraging peoples to link there aadhar card with there bank account by this government can easily get all the detail of people by including aadhar card.

# Link Aadhar Card To LPG

Now as we know aadhar is very important everywhere and it was necessary for every peoples in India because government play a role to get aadhar card to every individual of India, so in this matter there is also become a need to link aadhar card to LPG connection to get subsidy easily by linking aadhar card to your LPG connection makes easy to get benefits directly from the government you can directly get subsidies in your linked bank account.

# Check Linking Status Of Aadhar Card

After following the process to link your aadhar card with your bank account or lpg you need to check it out there linking status whether it linked or not then you can easily check your linking status by following this method.

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