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In previous post we discussed about the method to link aadhar card to bank account, now as we know aadhar is very important everywhere and it was necessary for every peoples in India because government play a role to get aadhar card to every individual of India, so in this matter there is also become a need to link aadhar card to LPG connection to get subsidy easily by linking aadhar card to your LPG connection makes easy to get benefits directly from the government you can directly get subsidies in your linked bank account.

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Why Linking Aadhar Card To LPG Is Important

Before knowing the steps to link aadhar card to LPG it is also important to know about the importance of linking aadhar  card to LPG, Linking aadhar to LPG is important because by which consumer directly get benifited there subsidies to there bank account without loosing any money it it helps too to por peopels because they does,nt know there rigiht amount of subsidy and they always loose there subsidies, so linking aadhar card reduces misuse of cylinders by dealers and make the  faster process to get the subsidies in safe mode.

Linking aadhar card to LPG is not a harder task just need to follow some steps and get linked your aadhar to LPG, now we disscuss two method online or offline to link your LPG. Lets discuss step by step guide how to get link your aadhar card to new or old LPG connection.

Steps To Link Aadhar Card To LPG [Online Method]

  • Firstly you need to go UIDAI aadhar online seeding official website from HERE
  • After visiting in the aadhar seeding website you need to fill the seeding application form, all the regarding detail you need to fill in the application form
Now You need to complete the aadhaar seeding application form in four simple steps, lets see how to fill the seeding application form

Step 1: Enter Your Address Location
In this step you need to select your state and district where you want to seed your aadhar card

Step 2: Choose Benefit Type
Now in this step you need to select your benefit type as LPG because you want to seed your aadhaar, after this select scheme type in this field you need to select your LPG Scheme name like IOCL for Indane consumer, HPCL for HP gas consumer or BPCL for Bharat Gas Consumer, After selecting this in next feild you need to select your distributor name shown in the list.
Now in consumer number feild look at your gas booking passbook for the consumer number.

Step 3: Enter Your Details
In this step you need to enter your details like your email id, mobile number and aadhar number which you want link or seed for LPG connection, you must fill right email id or mobile number because you can also get an otp to verify. click on the submit button above the otp box to submit your request.

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Steps To Link Aadhar Card To LPG [Offline Method]

  • Firstly you need to download LPG subsidy form from HERE
  • After downloading this form you need to print out of this form and fill all the regarding details in this form like name of your company which provides you LPG cylinders like Indane (IOCL), HP Gas Consumer (HPCL). Bharat Gas Consumer (BPCL)
  • Attach your aadhar card photocopy on the right blank side of the form
  • After this you need to fill Name of Distributor in this feild write distributor name
  • After filling this you need to fill consumer ID or LPG ID as per your gas booking passbook
  • Fill your name as per your gas passbook in the name column of the form
  • Fill your full address, mobile number, with your signature in the form
  • Now visit your particular distributor and submit your form and get acknowledgment slip from them.
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Important note: Before linking aadhar card To LPG it is most important to link your bank account with aadhar card first.

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Conclusion- Linking aadhar to LPG is very important for each and every peoples in India by linking aadhar to LPG peoples helps and get benefited amount of subsidies under various government schemes directly to their linked bank account. According to UIDAI, linking aadhar to LPG Establishing a link between an Aadhar number and a LPG account makes it easy for the government to identify genuine beneficiaries and route welfare payments and subsidies directly into their bank accounts.

So, All the above information is about Link Aadhar Card To LPG or link aadhar by online / offline method, you can easily link your LPG by using online or offline method. I hope you like our post, all the above information is providing for the helping purpose. If you like our post don't forget to like our Facebook page, share this information with your family and friends.

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