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If you lost your aadhar card and want to find your aadhar UID Or EID online by name then you can instantly get you UID (unique identity number or aadhar number) or EID (Enrollment Id) from the aadhar card uidai official website, in this post we show you how to find uid eid by uidai official resident portal, read this post to get full method to know the procedure to get eid or uid.

UID: Uid is a aadhar unique number which is unique number of each and every aadhar card this number issued by UIDAI.
EID: Eid is an enrollment number which is also an unique number like aadhar card this number can easily get from the enrollment receipt at the time of aadhar card registration.

Follow Our Quick Guide Or Full Detail Guide To Find UID/EID


  • First of all visit the Resident UIDAI Portal from HERE
  • Now you need to Select the Aadhar Number option or UID Option to get your UID if you want your UID then select  Enrollment No (EID)
  • Now enter your Full Name, Email, Mobile Number and the Captcha or the Security Code – Click on the Get OTP button to receive OTP on your Mobile no
  • Enter the OTP and Click on the Verify OTP button
  • Now You will receive an massage on registered email ID or mobile number with your UID or EID number.


The emergence of Aadhaar Card indicate the increasing incorporation of Government services with Internet and Information Technology. One such feature is the Aadhaar Card by Name Search and Checking your Status. Aadhaar card having unique identity of each and every people aadhaar card includes detailed information of individual having there full name, address, mobile number, email id and also have bio-metric details of individual including iris scan, thumb impression, digital signature etc. The launch of the latest Government initiative, the Digital Locker facility, just adds to the credibility of the quarrel that suggests that egovernance is the future of our Democracy. 

It has a lot of positives, however the negatives cannot be ignored. With the availability of downloadable Aadhaar card, the concept of keeping the actual offline Aadhaar Card securely is slowly losing significance. We tend to take for granted, the availability of an eaadhar card as and when it is needed. In such cases, forgetting or losing the UID (Aadhaar Card number) and EID (Enrollment ID) is a fairly common phenomena. So you need to be able to Find UID of your aadhar card. aadhar card is important for each and every people of India and it is issued by the uidai residents of India to provide identity of each and every people of India this makes unique identity of each and every people of India this make easy to identify each and every people.

Requirements To Find UID/EID
You must have registered mobile number or email id which you previously registered at the time of enrollment this should be important to receive one time password (OTP). so in case to find your unique identification number (UID) or enrollment id number you must have your registered mobile number or email id you can use mobile number as well as email id to receive one time password so choose any one option to get otp.

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Finding your uid number or eid number not a hard task you can easily get or find your eid or uid by following our detailed steps showing below:

Step 1 - At first visit aadhar card UIDAI online resident kiosk portal
  • Browse the resident portal homepage
  • visit resident portal homepage from here
  • After visiting this page you see an button Find UID/EID click on this button to get your uid by name or eid by name whether you want to find you can find it by using your name.
Step 2 - Fill the form to generate OTP (One Time Password)
  • Now after choosing whatever you want to find out whether eid or uid now you need to fill the given form detail like fill all your details of aadhar card which you registered for aadhar, fill your full name, email id or mobile number. you must enter your registered mobile number or email id to get otp code to verify.
  • After filling all the neccessory details in the given form you do not forget to read captcha code, you must have to read captcha code and fill in the enter the security code box after this click on the get otp button to generate otp code this code you can easily recieve on your mobile number or email id in few seconds, now enter the code in the blank enter otp box and click on the verify otp button.
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Now you have done all the procedure to find out your uid number or eid number by your name. in this method you can easily find it by filling your full name and little details.

So all the above steps and information is about find aadhar card uid or eid. I hope you are easily understand our full detailed method if you have any problem regarding this post you can easily ask on comment box. Like and share this post with your friends for helping purpose

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