# What Is Aadhar URN Number


Aadhar is one of the popular id or identity issued by unique identification of india [UIDAI] . It can be used more then 100 crore peoples in India to easily maintain all the information of the person at one card consisting every detail of that people it like Iris scan, thumb scan, photo, digital signature, so in this way aadhar is on e of the key document of person which includes every detail of the person.
Now our topic is about aadhar URN Number, aadhar card urn is a number by witch you can easily check your updated aadhar card status this urn number is provided by uidai official executives at the time of updating aadhar card .

What Is Aadhar URN Number

Aadhar URN is used as the id to get access your check update data of new aadhar card. It can be used as account login You can use it to check your aadhar card online status of updated data by just putting your aadhar number and urn number in the ssup.uidai.gov.in this portal is self services portal by uidai gov portal of India in this portal you can check your updated status of aadhaar card by using URN.

Advantages Or Disadvantages Of URN

Benefits or Advantages Of URN Number
URN have many benefits like it can be provided by the uidai portal to easy access directly to your account there is no formalities to give all your information like full name address pincode mobile no etc. by using this portal you can simply check updation status of your adhar card whether it updated or not. URN is also an unique number different peoples get there different urn number so this make also benefited to not stolen your information by others

Disadvantages Of Aadhar Card URN Number
URN is a unique number and it can issued only by the officials officers and you can get this urn number in your mobile or in your email id in case of mobile three are many chances to delete your massage accidentally so at that time you can never check your updation status without urn number, you may not get urn number again. so it is the main disadvantage of aadhar urn number.

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